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Service Advisor
Industry: Automobile (Car) Distribution Company
Consultant: Long Nguyen
Phone: +84 28 39110950

Job Description:

  • Greet customers when they arrive at the parts and service center and direct them to an available mechanic
  • Consult with mechanics about necessary repairs and possible alternatives to expensive work
  • Provide customers with in-depth information about available aftermarket part options
  • Answer questions about service outcome (after consulting with mechanic if necessary)
  • Advise customers about warranty protections and potential cost savings
  • Help customers decide between trading in a car and fixing it through our shop
  • Manage and oversee the service center’s workflow and scheduling
  • Call customers to inform them of changes in service or to let them know their vehicle is ready for pick-up


  • Extensive knowledge of automotive industry and parts
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Ability to communicate equally well with mechanics, customers and senior management