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Warehouse Supervisor
Consultant: Trang Nguyen Quynh
Phone: +84 28 3911 0950

Report : Warehouse Manager

Job Description:

  • Supervises the receipt and storage of equipment, materials, merchandise, and similar items in the stockrooms.
  • Ensures that items are appropriately marked or tagged for identification purposes.
  • Oversees maintenance of stock records.
  • Stores items in bins, on shelves, or on floors for convenient access.
  • Researches any discrepancies regarding shipping, receiving, or stocking and reports on such to superiors.
  • Continually interfaces with all departmental supervisors, support functions, engineering, program management, and other pertinent functions within the plant operations.
  • Drives individuals and the team to continuously improve in key operational metrics and the achievement of the organizational goals.

Job Requirement:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent preferred.
  • 05 years’ experience, two in a supervisory role.