The Human Age

In 2011, ManpowerGroup identified the “Human Age,” a new era in which talent overtakes capital as a key economic differentiator. Driven by four key global forces — greater individual choice, the rise of customer sophistication, shifting demographics and the ongoing technological revolution — the Human Age continues to shape the workplace and its impact is increasingly apparent. 


Human Age 2.0
– Future Forces at Work.


In the Human Age, four trends are driving changes in the workforce: shifting demographics, technological revolution, greater individual choice and the rise of client sophistication.

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Human Age 2.0
– A Skills Revolution.


We are seeing the emergence of a Skills Revolution Helping people upskill and adapt to a fast changing world of work will be the defining challenge of our time.

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Human Age 2.0
– Learnability Quotient.


What does your LQ say about you? Technology is always changing and so is the workplace. Your Learnability Quotient (or LQ) reflects your desire and ability to grow and adapt to new circumstances and challenges throughout your work life.