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Application Group Supervisor
Binh An Factory
Consultant: Trang Nguyen Quynh
Phone: +84 28 3911 0950

Job Description:

  • Ensure that finished products are consistently manufactured meeting prescribed standards (compliant), on time and meeting consumer expectations                                                          
  • Leads AG group technician to set targets in line with  New Product Development Timelines
  • Responsible for re-formulating the new product based on local raw materials, creating new formula upon marketing request in line with FDA regulations and improving the existing products by adjusting the formula and process, and by raw material replacement, etc.                       
  • Maintain a safe working environment in compliance with the local laws striving for Zero accidents through continuous coaching on safety behaviors.                                                           
  • Provide timely feedback and coaching to individuals and team in order to develop them to their full potential and to achieve objectives in accordance with NCE guidelines. Ensure succession plans and development - coaching of direct reports (where applicable) including development of specific training.                                                              
  • Accountability for sourcing raw materials, packaging materials with the Purchasing Department, conducting kitchen trials for the formulation, and preparing cost estimated for marketing decision-making.
  • Accountability for conducting pilot trials for parameter validation and sensory agreement and for market consumer tests.                                                              
  • Ensure that RMS formula record for future reference and ""products files"" or MD to I&R, pre-HACCP/HACCP and pre-QMS/QMS are prepared along with specifications of raw materials, packaging material , RMS and ""BOM"" are updated

Job Requirement:

  • Demonstrated capability to lead product development                 
  • Experience in different ingredients in product categories 
  • Successful in leading projects involving different departments or functions.                       
  • Exposure to implementing continuous improvement.    
  • Attend and actively participate in training seminars relevant to the position: Ensuring Supply, R&D and Technical Management                
  • Experience in change Management       
  • Understands TSA and NPDI process                       
  • Knowledge of NCE - TPM methodology, Lean thinking, etc…                       
  • Participate in AM Pillar Methodology                     
  • Participate in understanding of PM Pillar Methodology                 
  • Product and process mastership                              
  • Knowledge of manufacturing instructions and quality standards                               
  • Understanding of how to effectively lead and control meeting (ability to handle meeting and conflict)    
  • Advanced understanding of the related departments and their role (Quality, Engineering, Warehouse, etc…)                               
  • Business knowledge. Competence base of H&S, Engineering, Quality, Costing, Supply Chain.     
  • Knowledge of HR policies, industrial relation and legislation                        
  • Knowledge of "The Company Management and Leadership principles", local community and shared value                               
  • Knowledge of GLOBE processes and transactions            
  • Advance knowledge of GI.05.001-1