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Production Manager
Consultant: My Ngo
Phone: +84 976 249 933


  • BS (Mechanical engineering, Electronic engineering or Industrial engineering) required


  • 8 years of production management

Other Requirements:

  • Fluent in both Vietnamese and English (Speaking and Writing)
  • Proficient in Excel, Word, PowerPoint required
  • Good interpersonal skills and good team player
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks under time pressure



  • Production capacity control
  • Manufacturing quality management
  • Production efficiency management
  • Material management
  • Production equipment management
  • Personnel management


  • Production achievement rate
  • Delivery on time rate
  • Per capita output
  • Budget control rate



  • Product knowledge: Knowledge of the company's products, such as: production processes, product performance standards and technical requirements, product processing procedures, product assembly procedures and problems in assembly, etc.
  • Production knowledge: production management methods, knowledge of product quality control and production costs control, etc.
  • Planning Capabilities: Clearly define the methodology for the work plan.
  • Organizational capabilities: Coordinate the internal human resources and material resources to improve work efficiency to achieve predetermined management objectives.
  • Leadership: Leading employees to work for the benefit of the company, evaluating employee performance; maintaining work discipline; handling employee issues.
  • Controlling ability: Check whether the progress of the work is carried out according to the preset plans and instructions. If deviations are found, appropriate corrective action should be taken immediately.