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Senior Test Engineer (Open for expat)
Our client is a US-based multinational electronics manufacturing and solutions company providing comprehensive electronics design, production and product management services to global electronics and technology companies is seeking for:
Consultant: Tram Le
Phone: 84967890097

Report: TE Lead

Job Summary

Direct Test Engineers I & II in operating within area of assigned responsibilities with a high level of efficiency, integrity and enthusiasm, striving to achieve excellence in all endeavors.  Designs, develops and maintains test procedures, tester hardware and software for electronic circuit board production.


Essential Duties And Responsibilities: Other duties may be assigned.


Leadership And Management Responsibilities

Recruitment and Retention:

  • Recruit and interview Test Engineers I & II.
  • Communicate criteria to recruiters for Process Technician position candidates.
  • Coach Test Engineers in the interviewing/hiring process.
  • Monitor team member turnover; identify key factors that can be improved; make improvements.


Employee and Team Development:

  • Identify individual and team strengths and development needs on an ongoing basis.
  • Create and/or validate training curriculum in area of responsibility.

  • Coach and mentor Test Engineers I & II to deliver excellence to every internal and external customer.


Performance Management:

  • Establish clear measurable goals and objectives by which to determine individual and team results (i.e. operational metrics, results against project timelines, training documentation, attendance records, knowledge of operational roles and responsibilities, personal development goals).
  • Solicit ongoing feedback from Assistant Test Engineering Manager, Workcell Manager (WCM), Business Unit Manager (BUM), peers and team member on team member’s contribution to the Workcell team.  Provide ongoing coaching and counseling to team members based on feedback.
  • Express pride in staff and encourage them to feel good about their accomplishments.
  • Perform team member evaluations professionally and on time.
  • Drive individuals and the team to continuously improve in key operational metrics and the achievement of the organizational goals.
  • Coordinate activities of large teams and keep them focused in times of crises.
  • Ensure recognition and rewards are managed fairly and consistently in area of responsibility.



  • Provide communication forum for the exchange of ideas and information with the department.
  • Organize verbal and written ideas clearly and use an appropriate business style.
  • Ask questions; encourage input from team members.
  • Assess communication style of individual team members and adapt own communication style accordingly.


Functional Management Responsibilities

Business Strategy and Direction:

  • Know and understand the campus strategic directions.

  • Define, develop and implement Test Engineering strategies, which contribute to the campus strategic directions.

  • Provide regular updates to Assistant Test Engineering Manager on the execution of the strategy.


Cost Management:

  • Identify creative ways to reduce cost by streamlining processes and systems (i.e. modification of responsibilities or consolidation of tasks, elimination of non-value-added processes, or complete re-engineering of processes and systems).
  • Utilize tools to monitor departmental cost and cost trends, striving continuously to improve value.
  • Provide feedback to Assistant Test Engineering Manager on cost and cost trends.


Technical Management Responsibilities

  • Perform duties, which involve conventional engineering practices that may include a variety of complex duties from ICT, FVT, ESS to System level test.
  • Manage the engineering test function for standard and/or custom devices.
  • Through subordinate supervisors or professional staff, identify and evaluate test procedures and test equipment required to perform quality checks.
  • Compile and document data necessary to analyze performance and make recommendations for changes in the testing process.
  • Assist/spearhead in the development of special test equipment and software text programs as required for the successful completion of project.
  • Assist customer, setup training program for new product testing procedures.
  • Provide training and assist test engineers.
  • Act as the liaison and technical conduit for assigned customers.
  • Explore new avenues and test technologies for quality improvements on product assigned.
  • Perform detailed analysis on test quality of product assigned, identify trends and spearhead corrective actions.
  • Monitor, through assigned test engineer, all NPI activities.
  • Adhere to all safety and health rules and regulations associated with this position and as directed by supervisor.
  • Comply and follow all procedures within the company security policy.


Minimum Requirements

Bachelors of Science in Electronics or Electrical Engineering; and 7- 8 years’ experience