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Associate Content Marketing Manager
A creditable Singaporean company in e-commerce field.
Consultant: Huyen Nguyen
Phone: +84 2439744574 (420)

Job description



  • Create and manage long-term and short-term content plans around upcoming game contents & updates.
  • Maintain curatorial balance on home page, checking for mainstream appeal, focus on key topics. 
  • Ensure editorial quality and strict adherence to key game contents and updates. 
  • Manage marketing content calendar. 
  • Produce weekly editorial planning report to the Product Manager. 
  • Work closely with QA team to produce the best quality and deep knowledge of game contents and updates.
  • Work closely with Video team to brainstorm and maintain a schedule of editorial video features. 
  • Work with Design on page layout and visual support requirements for editorial and programming initiatives. 
  • Work with Community team for content promotional plans. 
  • Utilize analytic tools to track and optimize marketing content. 
  • Curate and edit content written by peers and fan contributors. 
  • Write editorial features and video scripts; host/narrate video features. 
  • Cover entertainment events. 


  • 2 - 3 years of experience creating gaming & entertainment editorial content. 
  • Strong connections within the gaming industry (studios, creators, other journalists) 
  • Passion for game culture entertainment (in all its forms) a must! 
  • Video creation experience - working in front of the camera or behind a mic - is preferred. 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. 
  • Working knowledge of and commitment to adhering to game environment. 
  • Experience with image editing applications.