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Senior Merchandiser
A global textile company
Consultant: Giang Nguyen Thu
Phone: +84 2439744574 (411)

Job description



1.  Order Follow-up/Coordination (45%): Follow up orders with vendors, customers, and internal parties to ensure customer satisfaction and on-time delivery 

  • Review Purchase Orders 
  • Obtain quotations from and negotiate price with vendors 
  • Handle customers’ enquiries 
  • Monitor and check production status 
  • Resolve conflicts between buyers and factories, e.g. delivery delay 

2.  Product Development: (20%): Assist in the Product Development process toensure that products meet customers’ quality and budget requirements 

  • Source material or accessories 
  • Source new vendors 
  • Provide advice on design and samples to meet customers’ requirements 

3.  Vendor Coordination (20%): Maintain strong business relationships with vendors for product development and production 

  • Build and maintain strong business relationships with vendors 
  • Evaluate vendors’ capability 
  • Keep track of vendors’ performance 

4.  Sample Submission (10%): Arrange sample submission tocustomers for approval 

  • Inspect samples 
  • Pack and send samples 

5. Others (5%): Perform other duties as assigned by Management


1. Education level: Bachelor’s Degree 
2. Subject of Studies: Business Administration, Merchandising, Supply Chain Management 
3. Technical/Professional qualification

4. Expected Experiences :

  • Years of Experience:  Merchandising:  5 – 10 years, Management:  2 – 5 years 
  • Previous Exposure: Buying/Trading Office

5. Functional Competencies:

- Computer/Systems Literacy: 

  • Consolidate and generate statistical reports 
  • Conduct simple statistical analysis 

- Costing Knowledge:

  • Perform complete and accurate cost breakdowns to provide customers with price estimates for specific products 
  • Conduct comparative analysis of price offers from vendors with previous prices 
  • Develop costing for both new and existing product ranges 
  • Work on quotations independently with minimal supervision 
  • Conduct initial scanning of prices offered by vendors and suppliers 

- Knowledge of Market Trends 

  • Identify key local and global market trends 
  • Make suggestions on products during Product 
  • Development in accordance with customers’ budget requirements 
  • Suggest styles and material appropriate to customers’ price range 

- Knowledge of Product Safety Requirements :

  • Identify different testing methods required for different product safety requirements 
  • Identify features that are against safety laws, and offer recommendations for modification when necessary 
  • Interpret test reports

- Product/Material Knowledge 

  • Identify local market trends and design patterns 
  • Source materials and vendors locally to meet customers’ product and budget requirements 
  • Identify areas of discrepancies in samples or products and suggest solutions to solve them 

- Product Development Skills 

  • Obtain information relevant to customers’ product range or ideas with direction from superior 
  • Prepare theme boards to customers 
  • Make product suggestions to customers based on knowledge of market trends 
  • Offer styles and material appropriate to customers’ price range 

- Production/Manufacturing Knowledge 

  • Work with vendors to develop production plans that meet customers’ delivery requirements 
  • Identify production and manufacturing problems that might have impact on costs, delivery and/or product quality 
  • Solve production issues with vendors 

- QA/Compliance Knowledge 

  • Comply with customer and local government requirements in QA/Compliance areas 
  • Explain to factories why they do not meet QA/Compliance standards 

- Shipping Knowledge: Follow up shipping arrangements with factories 
- Trading Knowledge  Intermediate: 

  • Explain simple trading concepts, practices and terms 
  • Handle LC and enquiries from vendors and customers regarding trading terms 
  • Negotiate payment terms with factories 

- Vendor Network  

  • Handle quota and safeguard issues 
  • Place orders to the appropriate vendors based on customers’ product and budget requirements 
  • Source new vendors and build an effective vendor network 

6. Personal Competencies

- Customer Orientation 

  • Uncover customers’ needs by asking appropriate questions 
  • Check with customers to ensure that problems have been corrected and issues resolved 
  • Develop strong working relationships with customers 
  • Respond to customer needs in a timely manner with minimal supervision 
  • Meet customers’ deadlines 

- Initiative 

  • Take actions to overcome obstacles and alert others to potential problems 
  • Stay with a project or problem from beginning to end 

- Oral / Written Communication 

  • Communicate clearly, using language and tone that are appropriate for the audience 
  • Blend technical and non-technical information in a way that is easy to follow and understand 
  • Listen actively and respond to others 
  • Guide informal discussions between peers to meet an objective 
  • Develop documents that effectively communicate to other work groups 
  • Use appropriate business terminology 

- Quality Orientation 

  • Meet quality and timeliness standards 
  • Demonstrate sound attention to detail, checking and monitoring own work against quality standards and guidelines 
  • Spot mistakes in accuracy and completeness 
  • Ensure important problems affecting quality are escalated appropriately 
  • Identify ways to improve the quality of own work 

7. Team Competencies

- Interpersonal Skills 

  • Respond appropriately to others’ feelings and needs 
  • Develop basic business relationships 
  • Identify problems impacting the development or maintenance of business relationships 

- Teamwork 

  • Encourage others to participate in group discussions and decisions 
  • Collaborate with group members to complete tasks 
  • Identify and address barriers to effective teamwork 

8. Management Competencies

- Adaptability and Flexibility 

  • Demonstrate flexibility in work situations 
  • Adapt procedures and processes to fit new and unusual situations to get a job done and/or meet company goals 
  • Quickly and effectively adjust to new situations and environments 
  • Sacrifice own interests for the good of the group or organization 

- Decision Making 

  • Identify relevant information needed to make a decision 
  • Know when a decision should be referred to another person or group 
  • Make decisions that impact own work with minimal assistance 

- Negotiation  

  • Recognize impact of negotiation proceedings 
  • Maintain focus on issues 
  • Secure consensus to achieve objectives

- Planning and Organization 

  • Develop clear, actionable and measurable plans, schedules, or priorities with minimal supervision 
  • Prioritize tasks and perform critical activities first 
  • Notify manager of assigned task status, progress and issues requiring attention 
  • Make minor adjustments to plans as needed 
  • Maintain focus on critical tasks 

- Problem Solving 

  • Ask questions of others to obtain information needed 
  • Use readily available information sources 

- Time Management 

  • Develop workable schedule to manage own tasks 
  • Identify critical path in action plan and closely monitor it